Success in the Global Forex Market is only a few mouse clicks away!!

Even if you have never dabbled in the cryptocurrency market before, this system will create passive income for you on the trading side of the system, and on many other levels if you start promoting CashFX and build an active downline.

The main 2 income streams are:

1. Bear Capital - passive participation through the purchase of any Trade Package is all that is required to benefit from Bear Capital, which includes Trade Earnings and Forced Matrix Bonus

2. Bull Capital - refer at least 1 person that purchases any Trade Package to ALSO qualify for Bull Capital Rewards, which includes Fast Start Bonus, Uni-Level Bonus, Matching Matrix Bonus and the Leadership Rank Bonus.

Take a look at the diagram below and see the breakdown of how you benefit through Bear Capital and Bull Capital on a $1000 Trade Academy Pack (there are 2 smaller packages available - $300 and $500)

This is all obviously explained in much greater detail later, but this will give you a very quick overview on how you can earn.

The available packages are as follows:

Elemental Packages - $300, $500, $1K, $2K and $3K

Advanced Packages - $5K, $7K, $1K, $15K and $2K

Supreme Packages - $30K, $40K, $50K, $70K and $100K

You will notice in the diagram above that earnings are capped at 200%, but you can use your earnings (or your own deposits) to upgrade to one or more levels above, before the cap is reached.

Even starting at the lowest Elemental Package of $300, it doesn't take very long to accumulate earnings of $200 to enable you to upgrade to the $500 package, and so on....

Obviously if you are adding new members in your downlines and they are purchasing packs, your earnings will grow much faster.

So that is an extremely basic overview, for a much more detailed explanation, watch the video below, it takes 40 minutes but well worth watching every minute...

Amazing hah!!  For more information and to get started, please fill in your details in the form below. PLEASE NOTE: You will receive further information via email, to avoid it going to your spam folder, please whitelist, as this is where the info will be coming from.

This is simply TOO EASY, get started TODAY and begin your road to financial freedom...

PLEASE NOTE:  Trading on the Global Forex Market is risky, please only trade money you can afford to lose.  No Trade results can be guaranteed in any type of real trading activity.  Participation in the Cash Forex Group Rewards Plan is not a guarantee of success.  Both hard work and following the structure of the Rewards Plan are required for results.  No liability is accepted, or can be enforced upon, whatsoever, by 'Scorpio Marketing Group' or it's owner (Brian Rooney).   Before making any investment please consult with your accountant or a financial advisor.

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